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MX-5 Miata Workshop Manual

Here is a link to an MX-5 Workshop manual for an NB 1.8 miata: I figure this might come in handy for others that are building miata based kit cars or repairing their mx-5: Link to view in Google Drive:

Mounting the muffler on the Catfish

Today I mounted the muffler on the Catfish. The first step was to cut out the exhaust hole in the fiberglass. I ended up drilling holes then filing the rest. I then mounted the fiberglass body, attached both parts of the muffler with the Vband and got a good sense for were the muffler needed […]

The Catfish gets carbon fiber seats

I just picked up a set of Carbon Fiber seats from a guy in LA. He bought these seats 6 years ago and never used them so they are brand new. They brand (Netami) no longer produces these seats but I did find some info on them from the manufacturers website. They weigh in at […]

Coating aluminum panels of the catfish

Once I had my kit one important step early on in the build process was to coat the aluminum panels with a heat control insulation. It was recommended that I use a product called Lizard Skin. However, before coating the aluminum panels I suggest you first test fit all pieces to make sure you have […]