Coating aluminum panels of the catfish

Once I had my kit one important step early on in the build process was to coat the aluminum panels with a heat control insulation. It was recommended that I use a product called Lizard Skin.

However, before coating the aluminum panels I suggest you first test fit all pieces to make sure you have everything and ensure that everything generally lined up. Having Cleco fasteners (temporary rivets) will make this process a whole lot easier. In my case I did not have the Clecos and ended up riveting a few spots then drilling them out later.

Once the panels have been test fitted you will want to remove them and prep them for the Lizard Skin. Lizard Skin is a thick ceramic insulation that sprays on (similar to a bedliner material). Lizard Skin comes in 2 formulas, one is the ceramic heat control (this is the one you want) and the other is a sound control formula. The sound control is meant to go on as a first coat under the ceramic insulation but being that the Bauer Catfish is an open cockpit roadster there is not much need for a (heavy) sound control insulation.

I also took the unnecessary step of primering all the aluminum panels before spraying them with the ceramic insulation then realized that aluminum is the one metal that does not require primer before applying the Lizard Skin. (Lesson learned: read instructions)

I would also recommend buying the Lizard Skin application kit (pictured below) to make the job easier. Once blended up the Lizard skin is easy to spray (using the spray bottle and nozzle) but it goes quick.

I purchased one gallon and I had enough to coat the outside of all panels except for the back panel behind the seats. I also double coated the firewall on both sides.

P.S. I’ll probably never use my application hardware again so if you are interested contact me and I’ll give you a good deal on mine.


lizard skin for bauer catfish