Deciding on the Catfish

About a year ago I started looking for a track car that would be somewhat easy to work on and relatively inexpensive to operate (as far as track cars go). At the same time it had been a lifelong dream of mine to build a car so I decided I would start researching kit cars. My longtime childhood friend (Jay) said he was willing to help me with the build so I started looking at options. I came to the conclusion that a miata would be a great donor car and I was considering the Exocet. However, before pulling the trigger on an Exocet I stumbled upon the Bauer Catfish and realized it was developed right here San Diego. Not only did I love the look but I loved that it was street legal, unique and purpose built to perform. It also looks significantly more like a finished car being that it has a fiberglass body as opposed to the the Exocet which has an exposed frame. After a few conversations with Cord Bauer (the creator of the Catfish) and a test drive with Dave at Bent Motorsports I was sold.

Here is a picture I shot at Bent Motorsports when I first saw Cord’s Catfish!