Gas tank steering column and pedal assembly for the catfish

Now that the aluminum panels are coated with Lizard skin, the under panels (and the firewall) are permanently installed and the mounting holes for the interior panels are finally drilled its time to tackle the gas tank, steering column and pedal assembly. This post also includes a few small random steps along the way.

Installing the steering column and the pedal assembly was a pretty straight forward process. However, after installing it, I decided to remove it and paint it black. The rust color just wasn’t workin for me against the clean black powder coated frame (even though it would eventually be hidden).

Steering column (pre-paint):

I also cut an initial hole in the the fiberglass transmission tunnel. This will eventually need to be larger depending on what type of shift boot I get but as of right now I haven’t made a decision. I also plan on mounting the Willwood adjustable brake proportioning valve next to the shifter so I can access it from underneath the shift boot if needed while driving. If anyone has suggestions on a cool shift boot and ring let me know!


One important Cord mentioned I needed to do was seam seal the floor panel and the frame. This will help cut down on noise and vibration, and protect the floor from water and moisture. I used DAP clear flexible gutter and roof sealant from Home Depot which was better and less expensive than automotive sealant.



For my steering wheel I ended up selling the Nardi wood wheel from one of the donor cars and replacing it with a Momo Race wheel and an NRG quick release. I checked out a bunch of different wheels at a couple local shops and beyond looking good this one was sized right and had a nice heavy high quality feel:

Once the steering was functioning I was able to roll the chassis out of the garage for the first time! (Gotta celebrate the small wins)





Next up: running the fuel lines and brake lines.