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Deciding on the Catfish

About a year ago I started looking for a track car that would be somewhat easy to work on and relatively inexpensive to operate (as far as track cars go). At the same time it had been a lifelong dream of mine to build a car so I decided I would start researching kit cars. […]

The Backstory

My passion for cars started when I was about two. My dad had a 69 GT Velose Bertone design Alfa Romeo 1750 that he used to take to the local track down the road (Laguna Seca) and every once in a while I got to go watch! That’s me in my red racing shoes (apparently […]

Building a Bauer Catfish kit car

I have always been a car enthusiast and it has been a longtime dream of mine to build a unique and fun car. This blog is initially geared towards sharing my experience and documenting the build process of the kit car I have decided to build. I eventually envision this site being a resource for […]