Radiator and intercooler setup for the catfish

After deciding to go the forced induction route with the Catfish I had a couple conversations with Cord to decide on the best way to mount the radiator and intercooler.

There are two main ways to set up a radiator and intercooler.  The typical way is to simply sandwich them together. This is the way Cord set up his Catfish. This is a standard setup which means you have longer intercooler hose lengths but shorter radiator hoses.

The second option we discussed would be to do a “V” style.

This means essentially mounting the radiator so it slants backwards instead of forward, then mounting the intercooler at the top of the radiator horizontally.  The trick to this setup is making sure that incoming air is forced through the intercooler and radiator. Doing this requires some fabrication.  The benefit is that the radiator and the intercooler don’t fight over the same air and the intercooler hose lengths get very short. As another benefit the weight is moved back towards the center of the car (which is always a good thing). Last but not least it looks cool!

I opted to have Dave over at Bent Motorsports in Escondido help me fab this up.



Update: It ended up being much easier to sandwich mount them so we stuck with that route (as you can see)