Tire and wheel options for the Bauer Catfish

Wheels for the Catfish:

Being that this Catfish will be serving double duty as a weekend cruiser and a track car I wanted some nice looking wheels that were light weight and strong.

I already had some Rota RKR 15×9’s (from my second donor car) but I opted to sell those and buy some new 15×9 Avanti Storm S1’s.

The Avanti Storm S1 is a new wheel that’s very strong with a 550kg load rating. They are flow formed and super light weight. They come in black and grey but best of all the 15×9 weighs only 12.2 pounds.

I purchased mine from Good Win Racing and it just so happens that Good-Win-Racing is located here in San Diego about 15 minutes away so I was able to pick them up the same day!


Tires for the Catfish:

My second donor car already had almost new R888 225/45/15 tires on the Rota RKR 15×8 wheels. I had the wheels dismounted from the Rota’s and installed on the new Avanti Storm S1 15×9’s here at a local shop in San Diego.